About Malaysia


▲ 马来西亚位于东南亚 ▲ 地处太平洋和印度洋之间 ▲ 分为东马和西马两部分


Kuala Lumpur is located in the central-western part of the Malay Peninsula, and it is the capital as well as the financial, industrial, and commercial center of Malaysia. It is a charming and the largest city in Malaysia.

Official Language

马来语是马来西亚官方语,英语为 第二语言,英语被广泛应用。由于 有1/3 的华人比例,所以普通话在 马来也盛行。


The total area is 330,257 square kilometers (about the size of two Guangdong provinces).


Malaysia's average temperature ranges from 26 to 30℃ throughout the year, with abundant rainfall. The rainy season is from March to June and from October to February, with no typhoons, no haze, and no natural disasters.

Advantages of Malaysia

Excellent Investment Environment

Voted by International Business Magazine as the Best Country for Investment and Business in 2019.

No Language Barriers or Time Differences

With a third of the population being Chinese, high status, and widespread use of Mandarin, daily communication is smooth.

Excellent Educational Opportunities

International schools at your doorstep, offering innovative dual-curriculum and seamless integration with renowned Western universities.

European and American Healthcare Standards

Malaysia boasts a comprehensive healthcare system and is one of the few countries actively promoting medical tourism.

Retirement Paradise

Malaysia was listed among the top ten best countries for retirement in the 2019 Global Retirement Index, ranking first in Asia and fifth globally for two consecutive years.

Low Cost of Living

Beautiful environment, pleasant climate, and a low cost of living comparable to that of second-tier cities in China.

Healthcare in Malaysia

Insurance & Reimbursement

For Malaysia My Second Home applicants under 60 years old, purchasing commercial insurance is required. They can choose medical insurance suitable for themselves, with annual premiums ranging from a few hundred to 2000 MYR, covering many hospitalization and major medical expenses.


Public Healthcare

For Malaysia My Second Home applicants, a few tens of MYR cover all expenses, including consultation and medication, at public hospitals (common cold cases). Insurance premiums range from a few hundred to 2000 MYR, covering many hospitalization and major medical expenses.


Private Healthcare

Private hospitals generally match European and American medical standards, providing superior medical services with minimal waiting times.


Education in Malaysia

Public Schools | Government-funded Construction

▲Instruction is primarily in Malay, with a small number of Chinese schools focusing on Mandarin. School placement is based on the student's residential address.

▲Tuition fees range from 300 to 1000 MYR per year (equivalent to 600-2000 RMB).

Chinese Schools | Funded by the Chinese Community

▲Instruction is primarily in Chinese, catering to Malaysian Chinese children, emphasizing the inheritance of traditional Chinese culture,with independent Chinese teaching materials.

▲Tuition fees range from 2000 to 4000 MYR per year (equivalent to 4000-8000 RMB).

International Schools | Privately Established or Overseas Branches

▲Instruction is primarily in English, following British or American educational approaches, catering to international students(foreign nationals).

▲Tuition fees range from 10,000 to 150,000 MYR per year.



Unrestricted Mobility with Malaysia My Second Home

Malaysia My Second Home Visa

Applicants for the Malaysia My Second Home program can easily obtain a 2-year or 10-year multiple-entry visa to Singapore, allowing convenient travel. Additionally, obtaining visas for many countries, such as Canada, the UK, the US, and others, is faster and simpler when applying from Malaysia compared to the domestic application process.

For example


When applying for a US visa, applicants only need to provide their travel plans and evidence of financial support, and many individuals who were previously denied visas while applying from their home country have a higher chance of approval when applying from Malaysia.



Malaysia serves as an excellent gateway to Europe and America.