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We are a registered company in Malaysia, providing assistance to foreign talents in obtaining work visas and providing company establishment services for those interested in entering the Malaysian business market. Malaysia's competitive advantages in terms of labor, rent, taxes, banking, and language make it an ideal environment for entrepreneurs and professionals to establish companies. Our expert team, with years of experience in law, tax, and accounting, provides professional and comprehensive services, ensuring a smooth application process. Participants in Malaysia's entrepreneurial program can enjoy various benefits, including tax incentives, visa privileges, healthcare, and education. We offer personalized services and will provide multilingual support on our website within the next month. Visit our website to learn more and begin realizing your business dreams in Malaysia.


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Comprehensive Professional Consulting Services

We assist clients in understanding Malaysia's business environment, laws, regulations, and all the steps and requirements for registering a company and applying for visas and work permits in Malaysia. Our team consists of experienced professionals in various fields, including law, tax, and corporate accounting. Additionally, we provide comprehensive information about tax incentives, visa privileges, healthcare, education, as well as the cultural charm, natural beauty, and historical heritage of Malaysia.

Commitment to Quality Service

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of service, including a fast and efficient process for visa and work permit applications. We always stand from the perspective of the applicant, offering full support throughout the application process.

Multilingual Support

Our team is proficient in multiple languages, allowing us to provide accurate services to applicants from different countries and cultural backgrounds.

Successful Service Experience

We have extensive experience in providing successful services and have helped citizens from Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong establish companies and obtain work permits in Malaysia. Our professional team always prioritizes the needs of our customers, providing professional, meticulous, and efficient services. If you wish to do business in Malaysia, feel free to contact us. We look forward to assisting you.



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Simple application, quick approval, helping you grasp Southeast Asian development opportunities easily and quickly.

Application Process


Providing Documents

Applicants are required to provide prepared documents, and all applicants must provide proof of a qualified personal non-criminal record (issued by the Public Security Bureau, embassy, or other equivalent institutions).
Steps 01

Awaiting Approval

Once approved, the Malaysian Immigration Department will issue an invitation visa to the applicant. The applicant needs to bring the invitation visa to the nearest embassy and obtain an approval visa to Malaysia (valid for 3 months). Upon arrival in Malaysia, the applicant will be guided to the ESD counter at the airport to receive the official sticker and obtain a one-year Employment Pass Visa, which should be affixed to the valid passport.
Steps 02

Payment Details

Before starting the application, a 20% fee will be charged to the applicant. When the invitation visa is issued by the Malaysian Immigration Department, an additional 30% fee will be collected from the applicant. Before obtaining the official sticker at the Malaysian ESD counter, the remaining 50% fee will be charged to the applicant.
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Seize the booming opportunities in Southeast Asia
and radiate global economic development.

Providing comprehensive professional services

We not only assist in company registration but also provide comprehensive professional services in legal matters, taxation, accommodation, education, and transportation.